Alberto Stocco & Stocco Drums Promotional

After being hired for Mike 3rd‘s previous album “In the Woods” in which I have played with amazing drummers like Benny Greb and Pat Mastelotto the history repeats! Here we go with another album, if still possible, even more intense than the previous one.

So, in a few weeks I’ve been very busy at Prosdocimi Recording Studio both studying and arranging/recording drums for some of the songs I’ve been asked to play. Here is a description of the album copied from Mike’s web site:

“… On May 24th I’m gonna release my new album titled “The War is Not Over”, an album featuring some of the best musicians in the world. “The War is Not Over” is a very important project since it’s an album dedicated to the victims of all wars and basically against a monster called war. The album is gonna be released May 24th because that date is the 100th anniversary of the entrance of Italy in World War I …”

Stay tuned for more great news! Ciao!