Alberto Stocco & Stocco Drums Promotional

Studio & Live Pro Drummer

Alberto Stocco has collaborated with international artists like British singer Jasmine Rodgers, American band Barbarians as well as participating in other projects, including the upcoming three drummer album by Mike 3rd that also features Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson – XTC – Mister Mister …) and Benny Greb. (Stoppok and The Ron Spielman Trio, Moving Parts, NDR Orchestra …). Alberto Stocco is endorsed by Stocco Drums (no relation)


  • Studio work
  • Drum recording for singles/albums via internet
  • Live performance

To hire Alberto Stocco or, to find out more about fees etc please contact us at: +39 340 1464 180 (Marta) - email a:

Promotional Videos

#1 – Modern Funk on acoustic song by Mike 3rd

#2 – Jazz/Reggae and Classic Rock on acoustic songs by Mike 3rd

#3 – Rock Funk on alternative songs by Barbarians.